I finally decided to share some of the photographs I took at ground zero on

September 11, 2001.

Got there to help out about 15 minutes after the second tower fell, stayed for six days.

Here is how it looked.

above- Engineers reading the blueprints to find entrance to underground parking lot near Marriot hotel.

above - discussing how to identify possible airplane parts


above - about 4 pm on September 11, searching for any survivors.

above- these peices of WTC facade are stuck in the ground in the middle of west end avenue!

above- found a car with some victims, some peices were so heavy they needed to be cut up before they could be moved since the first few days there were no heavy cranes on the scene.

above- the pile of mangled steel must have been a hundred feet high. you can see smoke still rising in the background.

above- a shot into the south tower base from the top of the heap. Was hard to breathe even in a gas mask. Still looking for survivors day two.

above- taking a break at the top of the steel pile, part of the south tower wall still standing.

above- Sunset on September 11, 2001

above-  On September 11 2001 a few of us volunteers went up to Chelsea Piers and 'borrowed' a warehouse. We began to set up a makeshift triage area and operating room anticipating mass casualties. Over the next few hours it turned into a massive operating room with hundreds of people. We would run out to the ambulances lining up outside and ask them to 'spare' anything they could. Unfortunatly there were almost no patients.

above- West Side Highway was closed but residents of the neighborhood came out and decorated the street thanking all the Ground Zero Workers. Needless to say it was very nice.

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