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Dr. David Gitlin

Dr. David Gitlin earned his Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in New York City. Following graduation he was accepted into a combination residency at the Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and St. Ritas Medical Center Surgical Training program located in Lima, Ohio. Upon completion Dr. Gitlin returned to New York City where he completed a fellowship in foot and ankle reconstructive surgery and trauma at the New York Hospital Queens and Wyckoff Hospital.

Upon postgraduate residency completion he was given faculty status as Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. He was also appointed to the chairman position of the podiatry department at HHC Lincoln Hospital in Bronx, New York.

In 2011 Dr. Gitlin took the position of Director of Podiatric Medical Education at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City where he is involved with inpatient and outpatient care, and all facets of surgical and medical training of the podiatric residents as well as residents from other medical specialties. At Beth Israel we have ongoing research studies in the field of limb salvage, charcot reconstruction and wound healing in difficult cases.

In 2016 Dr. Gitlin was appointed Assistant Clinical Professor of Orthopedics at the Icahn School of Medicine at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, and also accepted the position of Director of Podiatric Medical Education for all Mount Sinai facilities including 9 major hospitals and surgical centers.

In 2017 Dr. Gitlin was appointed Chief of Podiatric Foot and Ankle Surgery at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center.

In 2003 he was chosen to participate as a delegate from the United States to visit the Ilizarov hospital in Kurgan Russia and has made 12 trips there over the years. He currently acts as liason to the RISC-RTO, the Pilot Plant and American industry and physicians. These trips over the years let Dr. Gitlin develop a unique understanding of the art of ilizarov surgery and the ability to treat deformity and extremely difficult cases with external fixation.

We treat any and all conditions of the lower extremity from hammertoe correction to bunion surgery to flatfoot reconstruction to ankle realignment and when necessary provide a multi-disiplinary approach with our team of vascular, plastic and orthopedic colleagues.

Our office has an interest in wound care and more importantly wound HEALING. We provide true limb salvage surgery, in other words if a patients procedure is not in the medical books we will invent one based on current medical knowledge to fit the patients situation. We have found that something can always be done even in the most dire of situations to allow the patient not only to prevent amputation but also to provide them with a functional limb. Unfortunately if amputation does become necessary we have many techniques to save as much of a normal walking pattern as possible.

Dr. David Gitlin is a frequent lecturer both in the USA and abroad on topics of plastic surgical techniques and their utilization in cases of extensive non-healing wounds, chronic and acute in nature. Also lectures on a long list of both elective and congenital deformity correction such as clubfoot, flatfoot, Charcot Marie Tooth deformity, dropfoot, arthritic conditions, Rheumatoid arthritic foot, osteomyelitis, bunion surgery and much more.


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