Minimal Incision Tarsal Tunnel Surgery

When i was a resident I was lucky enough to train at Georgetown University in Washington with the plastic surgery deptartment as part of my residency in Pittsburgh. There I was exposed to a technique of surgery using a fiberoptic instrument to operate through minimal incisions and a modified microscope todo nerve surgery under the patients skin. This allowed me to limit the incision size and still do the exact same procedure I was taught to do with a large incision. 

The one procedure this helps most with is the Tarsal Tunnel Decompression , and the release ofthe common peroneal nerve and symptoms on anterior tarsal tunnel syndrome.

 The incision we made before this technique was 5-7 inches in length!!!! Now we can  do the same procedure through an incision less than an inch long. the biggest difference in minimal post operative scarring around the nerves and the ability to allow the patient to weight bear immediately ( we used to put everyone in a cast for 4 weeks to allow large incision to heal )

IF YOU ARE GOING TO A DOCTOR to have this procedure done please try to find out how many they have done and try to sense if the doctor is confident and sure.

In the case of tarsal tunnel surgery smaller is better as long as the same procedure can be acheived.

If you have any questions call us, Dr. Gitlin may know someone in your area who he has shown this technique to so far we know a doctor in Lima Ohio and Salt Lake City, Utah who are capable.



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